Your Nostr events on Google Drive


You must add the relay to your client for NosDrive to save your events.


What is NosDrive?

NosDrive is a Nostr Relay that saves your events to Google Drive.

Why would I want that?

tl;dr To keep a back-up of all your data on Nostr.

Nostr events are completely portable, because they're digitally signed. If you have a copy of your events, you can manipulate them, import them into Nostr apps, and restore them to relays in case of failure.

Isn't Google bad?

Yes, of course. But it lowers the barrier for users to have direct access to their Nostr events. It's free real-estate!

NosDrive is a secondary service for backup/archival purposes. It does not increase reliance on big tech.

How do I set it up?

  1. Sign in to NosDrive with your Google account.
  2. Enter your npub into the form and click Submit.
  3. Copy the Relay URL and add it to your Nostr client.
  4. Start making new posts on Nostr.
  5. Check your Google Drive. You will see a new folder called "nostr" with your events!

How do I disconnect?

You can disconnect from NosDrive by revoking access in your Google account settings.

Who made this?

This project was created by Alex Gleason as part of the efforts behind Soapbox.

NosDrive is open source. Contributions are welcome. If you think you found a bug, please report it!